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Elements of Massage & Integrated Therapy

Aristin Ninos, L.M.T      Connecting the Mind-Body-Sprit


What Clients Are Saying

I am fortunate to know such wonderful people & honored that they have entrusted their wellness with me! Thank you ~ Aristia

"I have been in serious, serious chronic pain for years and Aristia has been a life saver and someone who really cares about her clients. She gives the best massage I have been to.....thank you so for all that you do. I feel so much better for awhile after. It is so incredible how great I feel and any comfort these days is a blessing. Thanks again"

Mark, Oakham, Ma.

"I am a believer in fate. Everything happens for a reason. In 2009 someone gave me a business card for a massage. That is how I met Aristia. I have been a client ever since. She has been able to help me maintain a healthier back. We work together on how to better take care of myself and my injuries. I look forward to seeing her because I know when I leave I am going to feel so much better. The atmosphere is perfect for relaxing. She is a great resource when I have questions. Aristia knows in order to take care of yourself, the service needs to be affordable. I am always amazed at how she can take the stress away mentally and physically. I am grateful I found Aristia and Elements of Massage & Integrated Therapy."

Karen Ljungberg ~ Charlton, MA

"I am a sixty four year old woman who had been going to the Chiropractor for a couple of years before I made my first appointment with Elements. I have a little bit of Scoliosis in my lower back and had also suffered from some injuries that have caused muscle problems. After a few months of massage I noticed my flexibility had increased and my pain level decreased. May I say that massage is a wonderful way of relaxing and letting go of toxins and it brings wonderful health benefits not to mention stress relief. Aristia is a true health professional, she has taken the time to invest in her education and truly cares about her clientele and patients by offering suggestions that can benefit you related to your condition. She listens to your concerns and targets the areas that are in most need of healing. She understands the need for true wholeness.

It is very evident to me that my time with Elements has significantly changed my stress level and pain level by relaxing my muscles and learning how to become healthy again through exercise. For some people their work is just that work, but through the healing hands of caring people such as Aristia at Elements my life has changed and yours can too. If you are suffering with any back or body pain I would highly suggest giving Therapeutic Massage a try, you will be happy you did, I am."

Kathleen Bailey ~ Connecticut

"Like most avid golfers who suffer from muscle aches and stiffness it is important to have more than Advil in your bag. Thanks to Aristia, she has enabled me to be more agile and less tense. Through her professional awareness and massage techniques her abilities to soothe, stretch and recover sore muscles have been invaluable. Thanks for all you do!"

Regards Always, Neal Comen ~ Worcester, MA

“Elements of Massage & Integrated Therapy was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why. The quality of service I received was outstanding. I have been to many massage therapists over the years and Aristia is one of the best! From the moment you walk in she is making sure that everything is just right, working out every ache and pain, relieving my stress, I leave feeling like a new woman!"

Mary M. ~ Charlton, MA

"I have been a client of Aristia's since she was a student at Bancroft of Massage Therapy. She has an incredible energy about her that comes through during each session. Thank you!”

Nick ~ Worcester, MA

"I met Aristia at the gym. I was complaining that my hamstrings & calfs were hurting. She offered me a complimentary massage, which I took her up on. I have been a client ever since."